Getting Coached for Personal Business Success

So you are ready to get coached for personal business success.  Good for you!

Here’s the lay of the land.

First we’ll have a phone chat to determine if this is a good fit for both of us.

Then we’ll schedule your 4 to 6 hour intake session.   Here’s what to expect for your intake session.  We will meet in a location away from your office where it is quiet and stress free.

We will use either white boards or easel pads to create a brain dump of what your current situation is.

This is a sort of detox for your business brain.

And, when I say brain dump, I mean brain dump.  Get it all out where you can look at it.  You’ll quickly begin to see where you have hamster treadmill thinking going on.  We can then start to break down the bits and pieces that make sense and filter out the stuff that is either “noise,” “fill,” or “garbage.”

Then we craft your strategy map and timeline.

Then, we will take note of where you want to go.  We will map out where you are and bridge the gap between where you are right now with where you want to be in the not so distant future.  And then, we will do some gap diving to flesh out what is hiding in that space … or what is missing.  We’ll spend time creating SMART goals to get you where you want to go.  And, we’ll look at what typically gets in your way to prevent any kind of sabotage causing mayhem to your plan.  Finally, we’ll begin to craft a workable plan that will allow you the basis to make easy, daily choices in regard to whatever comes your way.  This allows you to make smart choices that consistently move you toward your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

No more – I don’t know where to start – issues.

You will have a plan and a clear and focused strategy to know where to start, how to start, and how to keep moving in your right direction.  Consistently, daily, with ease and flow!

$495.00 for one 3 to 4 hour session.

Spring Special through June 15th – $395.00


Coaching to Success Sessions

Once you have completed your intake session and a road map has been constructed, you are ready to move on to the next phase toward working with Success Coaching Sessions. The ongoing program is typically 6 to 9 months long and you receive 4 hours of focused attention each month. 4 hours that you can use in person or via phone, Skype, email, Google+ Hangout, or if you prefer, in person.  The ongoing program is tailored to your specific needs regarding topics, strategies, and implementation and all specifically circle back in support of your road map and navigating its timeline and path.

Ongoing Coaching Program is $795.00 per month

Spring Special (ends June 15th): 6 month contract $595.00 per month

Contact me for the details. I look forward to working with you!