The Dream Doula

The Dream Doula – Holds Your Dreams For You

Everyone needs someone to hold space for their dreams.  Yes, you can do it on your own.  However, the journey is much more smooth and more fun when there is someone holding space just for you.

The Dream Doula phase of creating your future is all about building a strong set of wings so your dreams can fly.

At this stage, you and your Dream Doula take the mind maps that you created in The Map stage, and match them up with the dreams and goals from The Vision Quest.  In doing so, you can begin to create the timeline and the series of strategies and actions that will allow your dreams to emerge into reality.

Just as the caterpillar spins a cocoon to allow the butterfly to grow.  You must spin a cocoon or road map so that your dreams are supported and can grow into reality via the strategies and plans that you put in place.

This is where thought and process come to fruition.

You look at where you want to be in 5 years and step backward from there on the timeline to the 2.5 year mark.  At that point on the timeline, you decide and declare what it is that needs to be in place so that you know you are on track to reach the 5 year goal or dream.  Once you have that benchmark, you once again move backward along the timeline from where you want to be toward where you are right now.  This time, you are looking for the 1 year mark.  What needs to have happened by the 1 year mark so that you will know that you are successfully on the correct path to realize your 2.5 year benchmark and your ultimate 5 year dream?

You note that benchmark and then you move backward again, this time to the 6 month mark.  What needs to happen at the 6 month mark for you to realize that you are on the right track?  Now come back one more time to the 3 month mark.

This is where the magic happens because we all know that we can achieve a 3 month goal.  It is much easier to aim and hit a 3 month target than it is for the mind to grasp a 5 year target.  And, once you have the 3 month goal it is even easier to determine the weekly and daily actions that are necessary to start you step-by-step toward achieving your dreams!

Your Dream Doula stage is all about incubating the dream so that it can grow over time toward the full realization or birth of what it is that you desire.

And now it is time to move on to The Journey.


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