The Map

The Map Leads You to Where You Are Going

Most everyone who sets out on an unknown  journey by foot or by car, has the common sense to get directions or a map of how to get there.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of a road map to their destination because each journey is uniquely different.

Of course, there are business plan templates that you can fill out that might help you to get where you want to go.  But the truth of the matter is that most business people pretty much fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to running their business.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Once you figure out what you want – you did do the exercises in The Present and The Vision Quest, right?   Anyway, once you figure out what you want, creating the map for how to get there becomes much easier!  And, that is because when you know what you want, you are on your way to knowing where you are going to go, be, and do to get it!

This is the point where GPS comes into play because you can act as your own navigator for reaching the preferred destination.  Just like the GPS system that many folks have in their cars, you need to know where you are right now (The Present) and where you want to go (The Vision Quest) and with those two endpoints, you now are able to begin to map out the path to get there.

But not so fast!  A slight, but necessary detour, takes us to the place of hurdles and speed bumps.

What Usually Stops You or Gets in Your Way?

Hurdles.  Speed bumps.  Brick walls.

Limiting Beliefs and Fear.

So what are your usual ways of getting in your own way and slowing down your progress?  Take a day and notice the ways you allow hurdles and speed bumps in your thinking to slow you down.  What is your self talk?  And, actually, whose voice are you listening to?  Is it really your voice or is it an untamed voice from someone in your past.

When you can become aware of the ways in which you typically sabotage your self, you are a step ahead in being able to create your strongest strategy toward success.

That’s right.  Your strongest strategy is knowing what to look for and recognize limiting behaviors and thoughts by being ready with a remedy or a solution to prevent the hurdle or speed bump in the first place.  Yes, I know that’s a run on sentence …. but I’m trying to make a point here.

Awareness is what will keep you moving.  When you are aware, you can recognize what is happening in the moment as your limiting thoughts or behaviors creep into your now.  Once they show up, it is your awareness that allows you to bless them and release them – so you can stay on task or on target.

And, when it comes to fear … you must act fast to stomp it out.  Do not allow fear to take hold of your dreams.  Fear is the dream killer.  Stomp it out.  Period.

Mapping Out Your Dreams into Goals

Now that you have your dreams in hand, it is time to begin to map out how you will reach them – whatever and where ever they are.

The best tool that I know of for this process is the graphical Mind Map.  The best way to Mind Map is on a Whiteboard but you can achieve great results if you use a large piece of paper or poster board.

Start in the center of the paper and put your main idea in that space.  Allow your mind to enjoy a brain dump so that your ideas flow freely and at a fast pace.  No need to judge any thing … just write or draw and make the connections as you go.  You can always go back and adjust later but for now just let the ideas flow.  The brain dump onto the mind map allows all the creativity to flow.  Just go with it and know that you can always edit later.

And, it doesn’t have to make sense.  Just let it flow.  As you work through your ideas, you’ll begin to become aware of patterns and common themes.  You’ll find as you reflect on the brain dump map that there are areas that you weren’t even aware of.  And some things that you thought were important eventually turn out to not be so important after all.

Now that you’ve got your map all spread out in front of you, take some time to sit with it and look for patterns.  Look at how the map reflects the desires and dreams that are fueling where you want to be in 5 years.  Now, you can start to organize and prioritize the info that you’ve got on the map in front of you.

Looking over your desires for how you want to live your personal life and how you want to be in contribution in your business life … what aspects of the mind map fully support you moving in the direction to making these dreams into reality?  Are you pregnant with ideas?  Now is the time to move into the next phase which is The Dream Doula.



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