The Present

Being Present is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

In our busy busy world, along with all the information overload,
the very best gift that you can give to yourself is the gift of
being present …

Right here in the now.

Whatever that now might be.

It is from this now that you are in right now that you will find the best resources to move forward into the future that you want to have and the success that you long for.

The first step toward mapping out your path toward the future is to get really clear about several things.

Things to get clear on for yourself:

    • What is your Purpose?
    • What is your Passion around that Purpose?
    • What is your Why?  Why are you here?
    • What is it that you want to accomplish before you leave the planet?
    • What makes your heart sing?  What gives you joy in the doing of it?
    • What impacts do you want to make?  What change do you want to see in yourself and the world?
    • What aches inside of you to be fulfilled?

If this is for a project, ask these questions for starters:

    • What is the Purpose of the Project?
    • What are the outcome(s) that successful completion require?
    • What is my role in the Project?
    • What innate resources do I have that will help?
    • What help or outside resources will I need?
    • What are the SMART components of the goals around this Project?
    • What is the timeline for completion?
    • What are the likely hurdles or weaknesses?
    • How do I maintain attention, focus, and drive through the process?
    • How will I celebrate successful completion?

When you work through these personal questions and a series of additional questions, you begin to get a clear picture of where you are right now and a sense of where you want to be along with who you want to become.

When you work through the project related questions, you gain clarity on where you are headed and you gain focus so that you know what the best possible next step is to keep you moving in the right direction.

It is in this place of clarity and focus that you begin to create a map to take you where you want to go.

You are becoming your own navigator.   The next step is to dig deeper and go on a Vision Quest.



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