Attracting Perfect Clients

Attracting perfect clients to your business begins with a clear focus on who your perfect client actually is.

Can you describe your perfect client quickly and easily so that people can remember who to refer to you and how to refer to you?

If the answer is yes, then carry on soldier!

If the answer is no, you might want to check out the resources below to help you fine tune your messaging.

A Confused Mind Always Says NO!

If you are too vague or general in describing who your perfect customer or client is, the result will be that you are not helping your referral partners or sources to do some of the sorting for you.

Examples of vague or general:

  • Anyone with hair
  • Anyone with a spine
  • Anyone with a family
  • Anyone with a car
  • Anyone who likes to travel, eat, read, sleep, etc

Examples of slightly more honed description:

  • If you know someone with thinning hair or early balding who wants to have thicker hair
  • If you know of someone who has recently been in a car accident and is suffering from headaches
  • If you know a young professional couple who both work and have a recent newborn or one on the way
  • If you know a parent who has a teen who is just beginning to drive
  • If you know a retired couple who love to take their grandchildren on cruises

Do you see how the first batch creates too big of a pool for someone to think of who they might know and how the second batch begins to bring a sharper focus into play?

This is the kind of work that we do with you when we are drilling down to establish who do you really want to be doing business with.  What are their wants, desires, and aspirations?  What are their demographics and what are their psychographics?  What keep them awake at night?  How do you solve their issues or help them reach their dreams?

Private Discovery Session:
Define your perfect client and magnetically attract more clients to your business

$99.00 for 1 hour session

$295.00 for a 4 hour punch card