Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook Cover Photo conveys the essence of who you are as a business.  Is your Facebook Cover telling the right story about your business?

We can help.  We’ll talk with you to find out what you are trying to convey and create the perfect Cover photo for your business.  It really is that simple.

Along these lines you can keep it simple or you can get a little more complex.

SIMPLE – Your Cover photo can be one image
COMPLEX – Create a montage of photo’s that convey more information through the variety of visuals

SIMPLE – You can keep your Cover Photo static as one image
COMPLEX – You could have a series of Cover Photo’s that you, your team (or us) switch out for you over a specific period of time

SIMPLE – Your Cover Photo has no text
COMPLEX – Your Cover Photo has your tagline or some other text to get your message across

This month’s specials:

Simple Cover Photo: $49.00


Complex Cover Photo: Call or email for quote